Start the day right!

As you wake from sleep, your thoughts are like waves, waiting to flood your unconscious mind.

As you wake from sleep, your thoughts are like waves, waiting to flood your unconscious mind.

Sometimes the only thing that matters is the fact that when you open your eyes in the morning, you have a huge flood of jobs waiting to rush into your sleepy mind. Suddenly as these waves of thoughts become clearer, you reach complete wakefulness.

How you react to these first thoughts filling up the dark recesses of your mind is what determines how your day will be. In  a matter of seconds, you can choose to be happy, excited, tired, miserable or even irritated. There is nothing you need to have done. All you are doing is reacting to your thoughts.

This morning interaction, observation and response to what awaits you during the day is an immensely powerful tool that can be used to control how your day turns out. The more you observe the flood of ideas and thoughts that rush in without anyone willing to stop them; the more they will take over life and how you feel about it.

The best thing to do when dealing with these elusive, almost intangible waves is to find a way to manage them once they have entered your wakeful spaces. Choose calm reflection and attentive observation – see how the rest of your responds to their existence and find ways to change those responses. After all, the mind is your space and your thoughts are merely visiting guests.

You are the one in control – you are the one who will decide what those thoughts can and cannot do in the space that your call your mind.

~ Bharti Athray
I write, therefore I am

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