Nine tips to getting into a serious writing mode

Schedule the early morning for your writing. You will be surprised at how alert your mind can be at this time of the morning

Schedule the early morning for your writing. You will be surprised at how alert your mind can be at this time of the morning

To make creative writing an integral part of my life, I created a list of things to do that would get me to write more regularly. It worked for me, today, I work on my two wordpress blogs every day. I hope this list will help you make writing a part of your daily life!

  1. Wake up earlier, and write in the early hours
  2. Schedule in a regular slot where you can write
  3. Make a list of prompts so you can get to writing as soon as you sit down and don’t waste your time thinking. If you don’t know how to make a prompts list, subscribe to online daily prompts or download and print out a list if you feel getting online at the start of your writing session may lead you astray.
  4. Keep a book to write in and carry it with you everywhere. While writing directly into your computer and laptop is a great idea, you may not be able to carry these with you to all places. Also, with books you don’t need to bother about running out of battery J Writing is pretty much like sketching or drawing. Put your thoughts down on paper as soon as inspiration strikes, or it disappears.
  5. Go to places that inspire you to write: a busy street with a bench, a silent park, the poolside at your club. Opt for different environments, you will see each one creates different impressions and moods for you to write in. Make the most of these variations.
  6. Explore topics, subjects and ideas that interest you. Reading works of others can give you a tip off for inventing your own version of a similar story. No, this is not a suggestion to plagiarise but to be inspired.
  7. Keep your writing tools handy and simple. Very often newbie writers like the thought of being writers, and insist on getting themselves a fancy diary or an exclusive pen. Don’t do this, at least not in the initial days, you will be usually too scared of messing up your beautiful book and never really get to writing. I prefer rough sheets, ordinary notebooks picked up from the corner store, and just a regular ball pen – these are my favourite tools as a writer.
  8. Enjoy the process of writing. There will be days when you are just writing the ordinary stuff – and this may feel like you are journaling and not really ‘writing’ writing. That’s okay, just keep at it and soon enough you will be penning your brilliant creative ideas, stories and other thoughts that you really want to share.

The trick here is to get your mind off the hook. Help your mind relax and get off the performance mode of writing.

  1. Practise writing. Like any other skill, writing needs practice. In the early days, your work may sound awkward and strange, but once you keep at it and start sharing your work, you will find your writing confidence growing. Your writing style will evolve, you characters will be more real, your stories will have more magic… and it all comes only with hours and hours and pages of writing.

These are some of my ‘To do’ tips that I follow on my journey as a writer. Sure, there are times when I slip off my schedule, but I always come back. I have dairies and dairies from over 20 years ago filled with essays, stories, poems, my observations… and for me, this blog is a way to share it with others. If you have read this far, I would like to thank you for your time, and I do hope you have found something that you could put to work for you in your writing journey immediately. If there is something that you use to write consistently, do share.

To words, words and more words, cheers!


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5 thoughts on “Nine tips to getting into a serious writing mode

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    1. Bharti Athray Post author

      Thanks a ton for stopping by. I am happy that things i have learnt and shared as a writer are helping someone else as well. Look forward to having you over again soon!


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