My Old Sweater


I have a friend
In my comfortable old sweater
The one that I pull out
When I am really blue.

When my nose is dripping
And head heavy;
Wish the world would stop talking
And just let me be.

In those moments of misery
I seek comfort in those old arms
So worn at the elbows, a couple of buttons misplaced
No great shakes to look at
But my very best friend.

No opinions to give, no judgements passed
Just a silent hug that lets me know it cares.

5 thoughts on “My Old Sweater

  1. geetknowingherself

    It’s strange and rather beautifully strange that how these inanimate objects have all the senses that we living beings have. All hear you, see you, touch you someway and sometimes even talk to you. Only if we could hear them. And like you have written they just don’t judge you, they never hurt you. They are true friends.

    1. Bharti Athray Post author

      Hey Geet, sorry for the late reply, but it is so encouraging for e to see the time you have taken to go through my blog. Really appreciate the same.
      as for the old sweater: yes, everything that we own talks to us, only most of the time we aren’t listening.
      I think we listen and reach out to the inanimate friends when our real ones are not connecting with us anymore! Strange how we human beings behave!

      1. geetknowingherself

        You seem to be a nice soul. I like what you write.
        Ya humans behave strange! If only I were an inanimate object I would be feeling pity for them. Nonetheless, lets try and make people aware of these new species to be in touch with.

      2. Bharti Athray Post author

        Thank you, Geet for your kind comments. I am sure you are too, and I am happy to have connected with you. Again, thank you for stopping by and sharing your opinions.

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