Going beyond.

woman-looking-out-windowI chase something I don’t know
I search the internet and bookstores.
I find articles and writings that come close, Yet I know that is not what I seek.

It is like the ancient elusive holy grail,
That knights of olde and Templars of Dan Browne seeked.
Yet like them, I look from website to website Ransack the endless bookstores, and return empty.

I wonder at my state:
A fight of intellect and the soul.
One advises me to play along
Even as the other tears at life to break free.

A prisoner without fetters,
I live amidst my children
And the man I love.
Knowing full well that my truth
Lies not within these walls I call home,
But beyond, in the world that today lies beyond my reach…
But not beyond my imagination.

~ Bharti Athray

Image Source: http://amygdala.com.au/



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