My Gratitude Ritual as a Writer

6663163-TKS07-WHAs I work on my blog, I make new connections, reach out to new people and discover so many, many different ways of writing, thinking and people expressing themselves. The last few weeks, since I began working on the blog, I have been a wonderful journey. I have realized how much inspiration we take from others, and that we have the ability to touch others lives with our works. Yes, it is surprising that simple pieces, simple poems that we as writers of the piece would pass off as simple or ordinary can touch a chord somewhere for the reader.

If you are a writer: an aspiring or a highly proficient one, I highly recommend creating a simple gratitude ritual for yourself. I have created one for myself and it makes me tremendously happy and connected with the world around me and my work online. Here I share my gratitude ritual in the faith that some writer somewhere will find a way to make this his or her own.

My gratitude ritual goes as follows:

  1. Before I begin to write for the day, I take time to read the comments, follows and visits that my posts have received.
  2. Once I have read it all, I take a deep breath and let myself feel connected to all those who have taken the time to read and comment, share or follow my work.
  3. I thank the Universe for giving me the opportunity to share, the technology to connect and the courage to put my works online.
  4. I respond back to those who have reached out to me, thank them for the time and their comments; and search other blogs where I can ‘Pay the kindness forward’.
  5. I repeatedly commend myself for taking the necessary steps to set up this blog and work on it on a regular basis.
  6. I use the comments of the day, or the works of those whom I follow, or those who follow me as a possible starting point for my contribution for the day.
  7. I write as I am inspired to, without worrying about whether it will get me hits or likes. I have come to realize that when I write from my heart, those who need to read my message will find me.
  8. At the risk of sounding silly, I trust the connectivity of the internet and the Universe.
  9. And most importantly, I stand committed to writing. And sharing. I have learnt in this very short period that I can be my worst critic. If I have to give life to my works, to let them be read, I must put them out where people can find it. Yes, the comments may be negative or positive, but at least my work, my thoughts, my feelings are being expressed and they are reaching out to others. That makes me feel I am making a difference.

I take this opportunity to encourage all those of you who have been wanting to take the plunge to do it now. Seriously, it has never been easier for writers to share their works, to see whether people will read them. So write your stories, poems, essays out and PUBLISH them. Believe it or not, The world is waiting to hear from you.

~ Bharti Athray

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