A modern fairy tale


Why the rose? To me, this is a symbol of femininity, a symbol that reminds me that women don’t need boyfriends, husbands, children to be beautiful and perfect. Women are born perfect, like the rose. Each one of us is fine, just the way we are.

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl,
“Will you marry me?”
And the girl said, “No.”
And the girl lived happily ever after.

She caught up with her girlfriends whenever she wanted, went shopping without worrying about the household budget, always looked like a princess as she didn’t have whiny kids to care for, and ate whatever she liked without having to think about how to get to a man’s heart through his stomach.

She worked hard, partied hard, did way better than the guy who had proposed to
her, took international holidays and was always at peace. There was no one to nag,
no overgrown boys to follow all over the house (cleaning up after them ) and life was such a breeze!
Image source: http://www.dorisjoa.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Pink-Rose-XXII.jpg

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