The fate of my silent muse.

Somewhere between sundown and late night, I find my inspiration, hiding in the shadows as I leave from the corridors of work. Hiding behind the dark silent pillars, following me to the parking lot, I look over my shoulder a couple of times, and see nothing. I shake my head remembering, yet again that another day has passed and I have written nothing. I shake my head at my own tardiness, wondering when my book will get done.

The sounds of the night whisper and the wet lights flicker as I settle down into my car. It’s a short drive back home. The faraway memories of a story I began ever so long ago tug at the edges of my consciousness. I push them away firmly as I switch on the radio and tune in to the chatter of the late night RJ.

~ Bharti Athray

Image credit: “Man Peeking Around Corner” Original Watercolor Painting OBO:

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