Growing together, Growing apart.

How strange are our relationships –
We put so much by them, yet they remain so fragile.
In our early days of romance, we go to the ends of the world
To be with the one person we love.
As the years pass, all it takes sometimes, is one word, one look,
To send you off to your end of the world. Far away, desolate, silent.

~ Bharti Athray


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7 thoughts on “Growing together, Growing apart.

  1. Geet

    I am falling in love with what you write, I have something to say on what you wrote:
    It takes a long time to admit that one is in love with someone. And then it takes
    forever to accept, that someone isnt in love with you.

    1. Bharti Athray Post author

      I came across a similar comment from another blogger, but you know what, Geet, accepting you love someone truly is about surrender. It is very difficult to do as yes, you are opening up yourself to hurt and pain, but also to great joy and connectedness. But if someone does not love you or stops, that does not change your feelings for that person. Love is not a relative emotion, it is an absolute one. You love because you love. Not because you are expecting love back. If we as individuals are willing to love in totality, without expectations, life will be simpler, happier and a richer experience.


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