GuitarThe little red guitar
Tied up in a green ribbon
Hangs upon my softboard.

I look at it, often without really seeing it.
It is a gift. The first hand-crafted piece of art
Carpentered by my 12-year old.

It was his new year’s gift to me last year (Jan 2014),
Lovingly crafted, painted and proudly presented.
A labour of love.

As I look at it now
In moments of thoughtfulness
I see my little boy’s twelve wonderful years

Race past my mind’s eye.
He is as tall as me now,
Just waiting to be a young man.

Yes, the little red guitar,
With perfectly chiseled curves
Yellow & black sqiggles that perk it up.

I know it will be a treasure
That I will fondly hold in years to come
When he has flown to lands faraway.

~ copyrighted by Bharti Athray

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