681x454Today, my painful sore throat made me realize what could happen if I keep putting off regular writing.

I have been having a sore throat of sorts on and off for a couple of months now.  Initially when it came on, I went to the doctor and get a series of tests done, and everything came through normal. My doctor did not want to put me on medication when he was not able to diagnose what was actually wrong with me.

So he asked me to come back in a couple of weeks. He gave me some essential antibiotics and said, ‘Either it will go away or persist. We will be able to decide the next course of action post that.’

Well, now it has been almost three months since that last visit to the doctor and while the irritation was not much in the interim, there is a slight swelling at the side of my neck. So why am I telling you all this?

Because I realized I have been putting off going to the doctor as I have been a bit busy during the last few weeks: our schools reopened here in mid-June, so I was in and out of my boys’ school, my little fellow has been unwell almost every alternate week as we have rains here this time of the year. And to add to all this, there was been a fair amount of work at the office. So I just keep putting off the visit to the doctor, putting everything else first.

This morning, my throat has been more painful than before and I have been seriously thinking of giving the doctor a visit. I am right now hoping it is nothing critical. As I mentally turned over the whole thought in my head, I realized this is pretty much the way we aspiring writers approach writing. We know we ought to be writing, but we let all the other very real issues occupy our productive hours, and then we complain about not having the time to write. Till one day, you see someone you know has managed to put a book out, or put together a brilliant blog over time. You seem to have missed out on it all. And then it makes you anxious. That is what my painful throat is doing to me: making me anxious!

I think most times it would make sense to put your writing slot at the top of your list, like your life depended on it. Else it will not happen. I am sure if you put it at the top of your to do list, you will make time to write and over time.  Take a look at how you approach your writing. Is it critical to your well being or is it something you do when you have the time? That is truly what will make the difference between success and failure at writing! Meanwhile, I am off to see my doctor!

~ Bharti Athray

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  1. geetknowingherself

    Thanks Bharti. I am glad knowing you acknowledged my post. It genuinely feels good when people respond and connect back. Such a learning! I am not a writer, but always wanted to step into that side, little by little. I am an Art Director, and an art director usually doesn’t get good enough time to put their words across. By this blog, I hope it gets better to express and enjoy writing. And of course learn from great writers like you. So keep reading and commenting and help me go on with this spree! Cheers!


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