9582_o_jean_vanden_eeckhoudtD H Lawrence had his rocking horse,
My little boy has his pillow
With its insignificant pillow cover.

It is his companion
A lap of reassurance
A warmth he turns to
When all else turns against him.

His antics make me wonder
About the comforter each of us evolves
For some it is exercise
Others music, yet others
Choose art.

Each one returning
To a zone of knowledge, of loving
Where we are not judged, merely accepted.
That is the simplicity each of us seeks.
But few find.

Maybe we need to look back
Walk down the dark dusty memory lanes
To revisit our old companion
And see if we love him
As much today, as we did then.

Maybe, just maybe, it will be a journey
That will let you sleep again
Like a baby.

~ Bharti Athray

Image source: cultured.com  | painting by Jean Vanden Eeckhoudt


2 thoughts on “FAVOURITE OBJECTS

  1. geetknowingherself

    I wish each one of us did that, so they never had to depend on others to seek love and companionship. As in reality no body stays with you forever. Everyone comes with an expiry date. Exception to few of these old companions who we have forgotten. Yes Bharti, you’re right. Need to revisit those old companions.

  2. Bharti Athray Post author

    I think we need to learn to enjoy friends, family and things while they are with us. You really don’t want the same old person, relationship or thing forever, I think boredom tends to set in. Change is always welcome, and well, for those moments when we need familiarity, our favourite objects are by our side. What are your favourite objects? do share.


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