What does it take to stay committed to your purpose?

winners-are-not-those-who-never-fail-but-those-who-never-quitOf course, you could take a step back and ask me, what is my purpose in the first place and how I came upon it, but then that’s a whole different post in itself.

Today, I want to talk about how you and I can stay true to our personal purpose once we have identified these for ourselves. I believe each one of us is trying to be a better person, a better human being, a better painter, a better writer, a better coder – a better something. Each one is aiming to be better than he / she is right now. That is what gives meaning to our lives, sometimes you can see and measure the progress, other times, you may feel you are stuck and not headed anywhere. This feeling of being a little lost comes on when you have not stuck to your schedule and missed the deadlines you set out for your work

It is when you are in the latter phase, when you feel that despite all your effort, you are not really making headway. That is the phase where most of us quit. That is where you need to call upon your will power to stick to the routine you have set for yourself in the early part of your journey and keep going.

The self-development guru, Brian Tracy, says the thing to do with deadlines, is to set a deadline and work towards it. And if you don’t meet it the first time, set another deadline, and another deadline. And keep working towards meeting those deadlines. He also advises reviewing one’s progress on a daily basis. One thing that I realized when I reviewed my progress on a daily basis and saw myself missing deadlines on tasks that are important to my growth as an individual, it made me feel like I was cheating on myself.

I kept saying I want to be a writer, but when it came to putting up my posts, or completing a book I am working on, it was the last on my list of priorities. This in its own way was an indicator to me that I was not really serious about what I said I wanted to do.

When you are serious about what you want to achieve for yourself, and it is usually something you are not doing for a living, it is important that you give it priority, and as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, give it a time slot.

So to answer my original question: what does it take to stay committed to your purpose?

  1. Have your purpose down in writing. Brian Tracy says, a purpose / goal that’s not in writing is just a dream without energy behind it. So write down what you want to do, with a clear deadline.
  2. Review your purpose at the end of your day and write down what you have done to move towards it today.
  3. And don’t let the fact that you have not met your goals or deadlines be the reason to quit. Stick with your purpose, be kind to yourself and go for the goal again.

If you are serious about the purpose you have set out for yourself, you need to keep trying till you get there. To rephrase a famous quote, ‘you don’t fail when you fail, you fail when you stop trying to get up and give it a go again.’

Don’t quit, and your success is certain!
~ Bharti Athray

If you are working on staying true to your purpose, you may enjoy reading this post here by a fellow blogger whom I enjoy reading. His post takes what I have stated above a notch higher: http://erikconover.com/2014/06/28/be-specific-with-what-you-want-in-life/


Image Source: https://ankefokkens.files.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “What does it take to stay committed to your purpose?

  1. Bharti Athray Post author

    Hi Geet, Thank you for checking up on me. Just been tied up the last couple of weeks. Am back now, with a post and all. do check it out. would love to have your comments. cheers


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