A constant strain you will find my articles is lack of time to devote to my blog, to write as consistently as I would like. The reasons are many and I have quoted them often enough for my regular readers. If you are here for the first time, I invite you to check out some of my earlier articles to better understand what gets in the way of my writing.

Well, getting back to my current piece, I want to thank all those of my blogging friends and readers who have encouraged me and believed in me to keep writing, even if it is once in a while. The last time I had a long break, I felt miserable and wondered what was the use of having a blog if I was unable to write for it regularly. And I let myself write my misery out here in these posts. The responses and the kind words I received from my readers have given me the courage to accept the pace of my life and made me feel comfortable about writing when I have the time.

I think that is one of the beautiful things about having a blog: you are not judged. It is a place where each of us seeks support and encouragement from each other, most of us are in the same situation – trying to come to grips with life and our passions; hence the level of understanding here is greater.

That is not to say that you can be complacent, but as a creative person I often find my mind talking myself into feeling guilty and stopping the creative process altogether for long periods of time. Having a blog is a shelter for me. I write whenever I have the time. And when I am unable to put up articles, my mind is constantly processing my experiences from the possibility of a post, an inspiration.

This keeps me balanced and in the mood to create. I look for pockets of time that will let me put my thoughts into writing. I no longer wallow in misery, I don’t feel bad about not having time to write – for as I look around at other writers online, I realize each of us has our own set of issues and lives to deal with. And yet, people create, regularly.

As long as we continue to keep creating, to keep posting, our blogs will keep us connected with like-minded souls around the world. And this makes me feel good, about my writing skills, my blog, my connections with such brave souls who share their challenges and methods of overcoming the same. I am glad to be here, and am absolutely thrilled to have friends and readers who take the time to read and comment.

If you are among those with erratic writing / posting schedules, take heart. Fret not, do not be too harsh on yourself. Yes, ideally, we all should be posting one article a day, but if it does not happen, relax. Sometimes, life takes the front seat, and you just have to let it ride.

Stay focused, know you have a blog, a space that is your own, and one where you will be welcome always. Keep this in mind, and keep creating and posting. You will be amazed how good it can make you feel. And the wonders it can work for your creativity!
~ Bharti Athray


  1. Rajiv

    Oh, my writing schedule is most erratic. If you write for yourself, it’s cool. If you write for the statistics, then it is a different matter

    1. Bharti Athray Post author

      You are right on that, Rajiv; I am slowly coming to believe that if you write for yourself, the statistics will take care of themselves. Maybe i am wrong, but I would like to think so!


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