A thought came to me this morning as I did my usual worrying about not having a post up for a while. And it was interesting for me to watch my mind come up with a simple observation: there are basically two kinds of posts that I have been putting up on my blog.

  1. Articles that address concerns of my blogging and writing goals.
  2. Actual creative pieces : poems, conversations, stories

As I viewed my blog statistics, what stood out starkly was that I was getting a lot of response and connect for the first kind of articles, and an average response to actual creative pieces. So what does that mean?

I decided to take a closer look and found that my creative pieces were being read and commented by other serious writers, while those who found articles about blogging and writing habits and methods relevant were aspiring writers themselves.

To me, this was an interesting insight and a good learning, as I realized I was actually catering to two audiences through my space. While it is easier for me to populate my blog with my own creative pieces as I have been writing for the better part of my life, I also felt it is important to keep sharing about my struggles and learnings as a writer.

As a fellow blogger and a person constantly trying to get blog posts up that make some sense to me and to those who take the time to read my work, I don’t just want to share my creative work alone. I would also like to share the process that goes in to my work. I believe this is an important part of my blogging, as when I often get stuck on the creative front, I go and check out the blogs of other writers whose work I enjoy. I enjoy reading the poems, stories and articles they write; and I thoroughly enjoy reading how they deal with the typical problems that we face as writers.

So my learning this week: On a writer’s blog, I must share the actual creative, and document the process, the hurdles and my ways of overcoming those hurdles with equal seriousness. This enables me to share my creative, get people to read work that I am proud of and at the same time, gives people an insight into how I create the various pieces.

I have learnt quite a few things from the blogs of my fellow writers, discovered new writing styles and found friends from faraway places. All of which makes blogging a great adventure.

What is your blogging experience teaching you? Would love to hear!

~ Bharti Athray

Image Source: fineartamerica.com
The eye of the beholder

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