low-light-photography-1Sometimes the only thing that stands between Death and me is this thing I call ‘life’. Mine is a simple one at that – nothing great to write home about. You know, the ordinary stuff: marriage, husband, job, children, home, work… I have a good life, by the way, nothing that should make me want to consider dying in a hurry. I have a loving family, my kids are absolutely fun… and yet, there are days when I wonder, What if I was to walk away from it all? Does it ever occur to you how much we are all running around, hoping that we will make a difference somehow – to our lives, to the lives of our children, their children maybe… the running never ends. But often when I lie in my bed at the end of the long day, I often wonder ‘what did I achieve today?’ There are no exciting answers, as most of my days consist of doing the routine stuff, and that takes up so much of my time and energy, I have nothing left to do anything more. That gets me thinking about the time when I will eventually meet Death – will it be at the end of one such uneventful day or at the start of it? I know some of you may think I am being morbid, I have been told that often; but I am not a morbid, or a depressed soul. I love life, I enjoy what I am doing, I love my kids totally; and yet it all feels meaningless. This trying to make a name for oneself, working to earn a living, creating wealth, buying homes, trying ever so hard not to be affected by what the neighbours have to say about you… it all seems so pointless. You know what I really want to do… I just want to go to the beach, sit there for hours with my eyes closed, listen to the waves and just be. I want to feel the sand under my feet, under my legs, not worry about the sand being dirty, not bother what all those walking past will think of me, nor worry about whether I have been sitting here too long. I want to be at that beach without a single thought chasing me, and I just want to live in that moment. Will I get up from there, come back to life as I know it? I don’t know, but as I put myself through this visualization, I very strongly feel it will not matter. As long as I can go to that far away beach each morning, just be there as I would be if I were dead – with no thought, no worries, no feelings, no expectations, I would just ‘be’. And then when I have had enough of just ‘being’, I would be ready to come back to this seamless prison that we call ‘life’. ~ Bharti Athray Image source: Jenis Fotografi Lowlight

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