Do you ever find yourself writing sentences that are mundane, ordinary – you know, that don’t really do anything for anyone? And after spending a while writing, do you feel the effort was not worth it?

The fault may lie in your words. Your choice of words sets the tone of your communication and in my opinion, this should be kept simple and easy; without being boring.

When I get stuck in such a zone, I follow a piece of advise my client offers. He says when you write, include words in copy / content that are not easily understood. This will force the reader to look for its meaning, discover a new word, sometimes a whole new world. For instance, a word that recently caught my attention was ‘Dulcet‘, I read it in my son’s English text book. I liked the word, and the way it rolled off my tongue, though I didn’t know its meaning. It encouraged me to read on to try and make sense of the word, figure out the context – simply put, it got me reading.

Words that are out of the ordinary when used appropriately, become conversation starters and give your readers an opportunity to engage with you. This, I have found, is an extremely
effective strategy. Look around at the blogs you enjoy reading, see what strategies the writers use to keep you hooked. Find words that you like, try and include them in your writing, discover new horizons for your pieces. And while you are at it all, enjoy writing.

If you have some favourite words that have got you started, I would love to hear about them. Do share, and you may just spark an inspiration for a whole new post!

I would like to invite you to check out John Needham’s post on the same theme, where he shares some really quaint and interesting words. Do check it out.

~ Bharti Athray

Image source: www.socialtalent.co


  1. Bharti Athray

    Thanks, Geet. I read somewhere that words are a writer’s tools. Just as a craftsman collects his tools and regularly sharpens them, so also as writers and communicators, we must do the same with our words. Cheers


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