Alphabet Tangle ~ Angelic A

photo 5









A is for Angel
One that Arrives
When things Ail me.

A is for Angel
One that protects me,
When I walk Alone.

When I speak of angels, I usually imagine them as ethereal creatures with wings, creatures who can work magic, who can change things that I don’t think i can. Sometimes, when I am alone, I get a sense of someone being there with me in the same space, just kind of hanging around.

There are times when it makes me feel really safe; at other times, it can also be eerie. You know, in our world, we don’t believe what we can’t see. This sketch is my attempt at capturing that unseen, giving form to my angel, giving me something that will connect me to my unseen guardian.

Do you have angels guarding you, do you ever wonder what they look like? i would love to know.

~ Content & Art by Bharti Athray

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