THANK YOU, 2014. COME ON IN, 2015.

As the new year settles in, I look ahead with a sense of contentment. The last year has been an interesting journey for me, thanks to my blogging experience. I received the WordPress report yesterday and it was encouraging. It said I had done well for the first year. Sure, I could do better, but knowing I had people who liked to read what I wrote, knowing I could get myself to write on a regular basis and find like-minded people in the blogosphere – all of it has been a learning and comforting experience.

The last few years had me too caught up in the business of life – with my kids, family and work. When I started blogging, I read all about how one ought to post very regularly and often found it difficult to meet my own targets. I set and then reset my targets. I shared my frustrations at not being able to keep to my blogging schedules and interestingly, just when I thought nobody was reading, some gentle soul from out there would respond and tell me to keep writing, to keep going.

In my first year of blogging, I have made friends, found writers I admire and enjoy reading. I discovered it was okay to not blog every single day, but to find something meaningful to share – even if that meant writing once in a week, or may be even once in ten days.

As I look ahead to the new year, I no longer worry about not keeping up to the schedule, nor do I beat myself up if my views drop. Reading the New Year posts of fellow bloggers, I know I am in good company, for they too believe we must write for ourselves, not for others. As writers, we write to give expression to those thoughts, feelings and opinions that lie deep within. Our blogs give us that space.

At times, working on a post is like writing in my diary. I have enjoyed the company of followers and fellow writers who are kind and non-judgmental. Their encouraging words, their frequent visits make me feel wanted and cared for. What more can a writer ask for?

Sure, there are books to be written and collections of poems that one has to publish – and those are goals that I would like to work towards. I have set myself a goal of having a collection of 15-20 short stories in place by June 1st, 2015. I have lots of them lying around in various diaries, I need to bring them together, type them out, edit them and share them with others in the community to know what they feel. Yeah, that is a goal I would like to work towards, and if the stories get a decent feedback, I would like to have them published. While I work towards the goal, I also know it is fine if I don’t make it to the magical 15. Maybe I manage 13 or get lucky and compile 18 stories that are fun to read. My effort would be to create, compile and share without worrying too much about what others are going to think about my efforts.

I look forward to writing, sharing and hopefully making you see the world through my eyes. If I succeed in doing that, with just a few of you even, I would be happy.

What’s your creative goal / resolution for 2015? More writing, more reading, getting a book published, more connections in the blogspace – what are you pitching for this year? Would love to know.

~ Bharti Athray

1 thought on “THANK YOU, 2014. COME ON IN, 2015.

  1. dorne whale

    I just want to improve my writing, work on my blog and write some fiction.
    it doesn’t matter how often you blog…just keep showing up. It always good to read you. Have a great 2015, Bharti.


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