The Earth Weeps

The Earth weeps in a distance,
All is silent, she seems asleep.
Not a sound, not a squeak,
Yet know, she weeps.

Like a whale in the deep oceans,
She calls us – her children;
But we hear her not.
Too occupied, too busy, too loud…
Yet, far away, the earth sings.

Then one day, she raises her voice.
A short sharp yelp
From deep within, a pained cry
Of a child seeking attention.

Now we listen, and we weep,
But not for Earth. Now we weep
For our children, our mothers, our fathers
Are hurt.

Yet again, her cries drown away,
In the loud wails
Of those we call family.
Of those whose tears we can see.
While the Earth cries
Deep within, in the faraway seas.

~ Bharti Athray

Nepal Earthquake, 2015

Nepal Earthquake, 2015 | Image source:, getty images

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