What gets me writing

There are a million reasons why I don’t have post up every day. Lack of ideas on what to write about is not one of them. My issues are usually quite technical: I write in my diary, I don’t get around to converting into the soft format, I didn’t make the time; you know, lots of the usual kind of stuff.

As you can imagine, the question I often ask myself is whether I have a problem with discipline or whether I am unable to organize the necessary technologies to achieve the one post a day target? Though I don’t have an answer to that yet, I do know I need to work to get more posts up. So how do I get myself to do what I want / need to do to have my posts up regularly? Here are a few tips that help me:

  • Avoid conversation when I am ready to write: I need to be in the zone to write. This is the zone where I have been thinking about something on a continued basis, and any conversation at this time will completely throw me off track.
  • Listen to classical Indian instrumental music: I love listening to instrumental flute pieces. So when I am ready, I plug into long sessions of flute and type away. You could experiment with different types of music till you find something that works for you!
  • Keep my diary and pen with me always, when I am not around a computer: When I have the urge to put my thoughts down, I do it there and then, if I don’t, I know I never will.
  • Stay with my topic: There are times when I get half way through writing out an article, and then lose steam. I leave the article unfinished and come back to it when I have a few more ideas on the topic. This also means I need to live with the topic at all times.
  • Get emotional: I need to feel about an issue very deeply to be able to write. This is something I have realized only recently. When I am busy, when I do not have the time to connect with myself, when I am just rushing around, I can’t write. I am almost numb. I guess those are times when I don’t allow myself to feel anything. To write, all I need is some emotion: extreme joy, happiness, sadness, anger, helplessness… anything but something. I look out for events, people, things that get me to feel.
  • I believe what I think matters: For me, writing is about validating myself, giving meaning to my existence. Writing lets me voice my thoughts, my opinions and lets me create my little dent in my corner of the world. Or should I say blogosphere.

There are always days when I don’t even want to look at a blank screen or paper, and others when I just can’t keep away. But for me, understanding what makes me write and why I write has been a step closer to doing what I love to do, on a more routine basis.

Have you discovered interesting stuff about your own writing habits? I would love to hear about them!

~ Bharti Athray

Image source: http://gigaverse.com/

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