Defining my writing goals

My goal for Jeff Goins’ 500 words a day challenge is to be able to compile a set of articles that address the issues that face parents and teens as they try to grope their way through the growing up years. I want to have written at least 20 articles that address the different issues that concern and worry the young teens and the ways in which parents try to deal or sometimes just ignore the issues and hope they go away.

So here let me create an outline for the articles that I will consider writing:

  1. Teen fascination with death
  2. Why teens think it is okay to put the body through pain, and check its pain tolerance
  3. What’s going on inside your mind?
  4. How teens choose their role models and can parents influence that choice
  5. Why is it such a challenge to get teens to study
  6. Difficult choices in teen years: careers, girlfriends/ boyfriends and more
  7. How much should you expect your teen to share
  8. Checking your teens personal writings, drawings and social media accounts
  9. How do you know if you are losing your teen?
  10. Critical years to plan your career
  11. Should your child be allowed to take a gap year after school?
  12. Is college education still the key to success in today’s start up culture?
  13. What really matters in your child’s education?
  14. Is the burden of education loan worth it for your child
  15. Should Indian parents consider sending their young teens overseas for studies?
  16. The role of schools in teen’s education
  17. The role of parents in teen’s education
  18. ‘Finding’ yourself in the teen years
  19. The dangers of being a highly talented and intelligent teen
  20. Should you care about your friends
  21. Moving out of sheltered zones
  22. So are you a kid or an adult?
  23. Handling emotions during the last school year
  24. The pressure of performance and living upto expectations
  25. Choosing beliefs about the world
  26. Key influencers in the growing years
  27. The challenges of the digital era for young adults
  28. What should I be reading?
  29. Does my education really define me?
  30. Finding truth in a digital world
  31. Is negativity in art a problem?

The idea would be to capture thoughts of young teens in my circle and my attempts as a parent to handhold my own teen through this journey. I have realized this process is as much a journey for me as it is for him, and in the process of having your child become an adult, each of us also learns to let go and accept the other person’s point of view. This is a challenge for parents as we have been doing all the thinking for the kids all these years. Now, to come to terms with the fact that they have a mind of their own, that is a really difficult truth to accept and let them do what they want. I invite you to stick with me and join me in this exploration of how the young minds of today actually think and work.

~ Bharti Athray

Image source: Australian Institute of Family Studies

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