Committed to create

There is an innate need to build… build assets, build a legacy. In a beautiful story shared on the difference between Valmiki and Hanuman’s Ramayan (link given below for full story), I realized that as creative people, we all wish to create something that will make us famous, that will win us accolades. And when these are not forthcoming, we stop in our efforts to create, and choose instead to live the mundane life. But the true creator is like Hanuman, a soul with a true passion for something he loves and believes in with all his heart, creates as a gift to his muse.

For Hanuman, creating the Ramayan was a way to simply remember Ram. It was a process of meditation, creation of something beautiful to be dedicated to his source of inspiration. Unlike Valmiki who wanted to create a piece of work by which he would be remembered, Hanuman did not seek appreciation, or fame, or money for his creations. He created simply because he was inspired to do so.

This story led me to re-look at my approach to creativity. I have often begun writing stories and stopped halfway, finding the exercise meaningless, convinced nobody would ever want to read my stories. The story of the two Ramayans made me realize the error of my ways, and I have realized, I must create simply because I can.

I love the world, the beautiful creatures and elements in it. I am awed by the beautiful sunrise that lights up the hills outside my bedroom window, I make it a point to check out the light display of the sun each morning. I love watching butterflies flit past in the October sun as I wait for the signal to change amidst the traffic. I wonder what transformation these beautiful creatures herald.

I watch a poor beggar boy at the side of the road, trying on a party cap he has found by the wayside and acting like a little stage artist. The mischief in his body, the joy he finds in the discarded party cap makes me realize it takes so little to be happy. All of these are instances of inspiration, one for which I have decided to write… just as an ode to the wonder and beauty that surrounds my life. It does not take much to create a work of art, and we can create endlessly and dedicate it to the Universe. The rest will take care of itself!

PS: If you want to read the story of Valmiki and Hanuman’s Ramayan that has inspired me to continue on my creative journey, please check the link below:

I also want to thank a dear friend who shared this story with me, Sunita Ramkumar of the Chembur Kindle Life group (Chinmaya Mission). Thank you, Sunita for the

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