What the little sprig of grass says to me.

There is a sense of beauty in everything around you. Look at the flowers, the leaves, the little blades of grass… it is all fascinating. The one thing that always makes me smile at the most unexpected times is finding a little sprig of grass growing amidst concrete blocks on the road, or a cracked cement wall. I have seen it quite a few times, but each time it reminds me of the never-say-die spirit of nature and the nature’s ability to overcome all odds.

The happy green sprig of grass reminds me not to take my troubles so seriously, to take the challenges of the moment in my stride, and keep marching on. As human beings, we often tend to think of events, relationships and things as coming to an end. We forget that every year, spring is followed by summer, summer by autumn, autumn by winter and amazingly, winter by the sweetest, gentlest spring. If only during our days of autumn and winter we could remember that spring is coming, our struggles would be lesser, our pains more bearable.

The fact is, during the cold dark wintry days of our lives, we experience the pain so sharply that it appears that the dark night will envelope us and our entire world. I invite you to look around wherever you are… look for that crack in the wall, the old broken footpath, the dark shadowy staircase… in each of these you will find nature giving life a second chance.

Sometimes it is a sprig of grass that has popped out, at other times – a wild flower that is just happy to bloom or a tiny spider weaving it shiny sparkling web catching the stray streak of sunlight.

Let these sights remind us that ours is a beautiful world, that each of us here is a wayfarer, journeying along with others who have boarded the same train. Soon, people will go their own way, the dark tunnel that seems to have surrounded you will soon be behind you and the happy bright sunshine will light up your days. Don’t let things get you down too much, for remember, this too shall pass.   

~ Bharti Athray

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