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My thoughts and reality

A wild thought races across my mind
A cheetah chasing the deer across the flatlands
I wait, close my eyes to focus on the deer
Yet the details escape me – What was I thinking?

They run faraway into the sunlit horizon of my mind
Till all I can see are two hazy forms running.
A little fuzzball, like a bear cub
Waddles over to the forefront of my thoughts.

My attention shifts, I can see better now.
It’s an idea to create, to do something interesting
To create a soft tactile pillow, soft to touch
Fun to play with. I watch the little bear cub.

Ever so slowly as it rambles around the grass
I see it changing shape, slowing down.
A soft brown felt pillow sits on my sofa.

My son hugs it tight
as he watches his favourite cartoon show
On a sultry summer evening.

~ Bharti Athray


At the breakfast table


More than the living rooms
More than the bedrooms
It is the breakfast table
That sees all the action.

It’s the centre-stage of our lives.
Where children sit without guards;
Where fathers read the newspaper
At leisure, before the worries of the day
Attack them.

It is where mothers do best
What we love them for:
Give us our favourite meals
With love, before the rush of the day
Catches up with them.

The breakfast table is
where children see their parent as individuals,
And parents see their brats as young adults.

Definitely, the very centre of life.

~ Bharti Athray

Image Source: http://chefmom.sheknows.com/articles/816786/Start-a-New-Tradition