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Warm Memories

A few moments
Spent in love
Create warm memories
To be revisited
A million times
During life’s
Lonely cold winter

~ Bharti Athray

photo: http://roman-shymko.com/


Lonesome Moments

Being alone is sometimes a scary feeling.

Being alone is sometimes a scary feeling.

It begins like a knot in my stomach,
And gets bigger till it fills up my chest.
Have you ever felt like you were carrying around this load…
This heavy boulder tied to your front?

I know it’s invisible
But often feel others can see it.
Or maybe they just ‘sense’ it.
It is a strange feeling –
Heavy, large and overwhelming.

I think I know now why they say,
‘Get it off your chest.’
And I so wish I could.
Maybe I will find a friend to speak to
Just as they say I should.

– Bharti Athray