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A moment in time

A moment in time –
Hangs like a fine needle
On a long white thread.

I watch the needle swing,
Ever so lightly
In the gentle morning breeze.

The silence lulls my senses.

I take in the moment… the cars, the signal,
the honking seems to come
from somewhere far away.

The summer sun beats down
Upon the metal of my car, my heavy eyelids droop…

Suddenly the needle on the white thread
is thrown about.

A wild gust of wind seems to sweep
across my consciousness,

I shake my head, trying to come to grips with where I am.

The loud horns are
close behind me, the signal has turned
Green. I must move.

The single moment in time – it has passed.

~ bharti athray


The Earth Weeps

The Earth weeps in a distance,
All is silent, she seems asleep.
Not a sound, not a squeak,
Yet know, she weeps.

Like a whale in the deep oceans,
She calls us – her children;
But we hear her not.
Too occupied, too busy, too loud…
Yet, far away, the earth sings.

Then one day, she raises her voice.
A short sharp yelp
From deep within, a pained cry
Of a child seeking attention.

Now we listen, and we weep,
But not for Earth. Now we weep
For our children, our mothers, our fathers
Are hurt.

Yet again, her cries drown away,
In the loud wails
Of those we call family.
Of those whose tears we can see.
While the Earth cries
Deep within, in the faraway seas.

~ Bharti Athray

Nepal Earthquake, 2015

Nepal Earthquake, 2015 | Image source: www.care.org, getty images

Alphabet Tangle ~ Angelic A

photo 5









A is for Angel
One that Arrives
When things Ail me.

A is for Angel
One that protects me,
When I walk Alone.

When I speak of angels, I usually imagine them as ethereal creatures with wings, creatures who can work magic, who can change things that I don’t think i can. Sometimes, when I am alone, I get a sense of someone being there with me in the same space, just kind of hanging around.

There are times when it makes me feel really safe; at other times, it can also be eerie. You know, in our world, we don’t believe what we can’t see. This sketch is my attempt at capturing that unseen, giving form to my angel, giving me something that will connect me to my unseen guardian.

Do you have angels guarding you, do you ever wonder what they look like? i would love to know.

~ Content & Art by Bharti Athray

Here, but not quite

teaI wondered where I was meant to be
While I sat here, listening
But heard naught –
The sound just didn’t seem to be reaching in.

I watched the merry go round
Of children, colours, friends
Swirl around me
And knew I was not here.

I sat there
Sipping my cup of Turkish tea
And let the world
Slowly disappear into
A haze of hot steam.

~ Bharti Athray

Image: high tea, by LaNaya Anderson

Growing together, Growing apart.

How strange are our relationships –
We put so much by them, yet they remain so fragile.
In our early days of romance, we go to the ends of the world
To be with the one person we love.
As the years pass, all it takes sometimes, is one word, one look,
To send you off to your end of the world. Far away, desolate, silent.

~ Bharti Athray


Image source: http://www.kreativityhouse.com/2012/01/16/winter-break-up-by-sarit/

My Old Sweater


I have a friend
In my comfortable old sweater
The one that I pull out
When I am really blue.

When my nose is dripping
And head heavy;
Wish the world would stop talking
And just let me be.

In those moments of misery
I seek comfort in those old arms
So worn at the elbows, a couple of buttons misplaced
No great shakes to look at
But my very best friend.

No opinions to give, no judgements passed
Just a silent hug that lets me know it cares.